"Forgotten memories of past lives"

Mindlapse was born in 1996 after the fall of rock band Neutral Shade.  It was formed by founding members Karina Sher and Gareth Jon Groombridge.  Later the third consistent member was Nish Rana and later joined by Adrian McGlennon who played drums for the band for their release of EP "Souls For Sinners" via Holier Than Thou Records. 

From 1996, the band went through experimentation within the sub genres of rock and metal music which allowed them to mix their sounds with different music.  


1996 – 1999: Doom/Dark Rock

Mindlapse was formed in Leicester in 1996 after dark rock band Neutral Shade went their separate ways. Karina and Gaz decided to form a band concentrating on the various genres within the rock and metal genre leaving a lot of room to experiment. Signed to HTT Records they recorded their first EP “Myself And I” with band members Amber (Bass), Jamie (Guitars) and Chris (Drums). Their sound was heavily influenced by doom rock and gothic metal.

1999 - 2002: Metal/Hardcore

1n 1999, the line-up went their separate ways to pursue their own interests and therefore experimentation took place and the band decided to bring in their hardcore influences such as Biohazard, Fear Factory, Pantera, Machine Head, Tura Satana, Downset, Helmet, and Sick Of It All, and introducing female death vocals to retain the heavier side of Mindlapse. The band had the following demos recorded during this year. Lost In A Mindless Game, Love My Hate, My Other Day, and Finally Survive. They received a KKKK review in Kerrang Magazine and had immense major label interest.

They also performed with the likes of Kill II This, King Prawn, Sugarcoma, In Me, Defenestration, Napalm Death, Vacant Stare, Brutal Deluxe, Skindred, Locus, Occupational Hazard, Labrat, Knuckledust, and Medulla Nocte among others. Their Love My Hate tour resulted a fantastic gig at Notingham’s Rock City with the venue packed and a sell out of all their CDs. Their track “Strength and Beyond” went to Number 1 on Takeover Radio competing with the likes of Marilyn Manson. They also got into the top ten plugs for the BBC, which was later, printed in the NME magazine.

2002 – 2005: Doom/Melodic Death Metal

In 2002 was the birth of Souls For Sinner EP, which gained high media interest due to the epic progression of the band musically. The sound was further developed, and as the band’s tastes in music evolved, so did their music. Listening to a lot of the bands from theirs roots, such as Paradise Lost, Carcass, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Lacuna Coil, Anathema, Dead Can Dance, My Dying Bride accompanied with discoveries with bands like Opeth and Katatonia, their sound was described as “European” sounding with an ambient atmosphere in the many live interviews with radio stations such as Total Rock Radio with Malcome Dome. Tracks such as “As I Do” received airplay from Maria on the Sex To 9 show, and HFM also invited the band for an interview also.

They began to receive features in magazines such as Metal Hammer, Kerrang and Cop Out magazine. They were invited to many backstage events meeting their idols along the way. With an EP and a new single demo recorded the band went on a UK tour with the likes of Cancer, Insomnium, Gutworm and Cruel Humanity including an all dayer at the London Koko with Napalm Death sharing a tour bus with Insomnium. Not to mention performing the metal tent at an outdoor festival Rock N’ Blues Festival with the likes of rock legends Rainbow. They also recorded a demo called "Haunted" which they decided not to release but to record again on the new album.

2006 – Break

In 2006 line-up problems proved inevitable with finding the right musicians and in 2008 saw the departure of Gaz one of the founding members of Mindlapse. Priorities were no longer music in his life. The band were sorry to see him go. However during this time, a lot of song writing was done.  From this point on, Karina attempted to bring in new members but the line-ups kept breaking up due to other band projects, therefore Karina decided to become sole writer of the music and lyrics and hopes to release a metal record in 2015 following the style of "Souls For Sinners" where there has been metal as a basis but with touches of death, black metal, ambient, doom but a real progression musically from what was done before. 

"I am unsure whether it will be gigging band as yet but I do have a lot of material that I would like to record and release. There maybe a possibility of session musicians doing some dates with me but I haven't decided as yet.  We shall see how the record pans out first. I will however be concentrating mainly on my project "Lake Of Dreams" which is a bit more chilled out and ambient so that is taking focus right now but that's not to say Mindlapse will not have it's moment.  Metal is in my heart and always has a place for me." - Karina Sher, Mindlapse