Re-Release Of EP "Souls For Sinners"

HTT Records  
September 2009 to present
Online distribution via Holier Than Thou Records

"Haunted" - Single

2005 to 2006 


with Karina, Gaz, Nathan, Davydd, Nish

Melodic Death Metal Single/Demo

- 01. Haunted
- 02. The Prophecy

Release of EP "Souls For Sinners"

HTT Records

2003 to 2004
 with Karina, Gaz, Nish, Adrian Nish Rana

Metal/Doom/Progressive Death/Ambient

- 01. Intro
- 02. Visions
- 03. Lost
- 04. Beautiful
- 05. Risen

"Finally Survive" - Single 

with Karina, Nish, Gaz, Llew, Dan

Metal/Gothic/Doom Single/Demo

- 01. Finally Survive
- 02. As I Do

"Like That" - Single

with Karina, Gaz, Nish, Dan,

Metal/Symphonic/Hardcore Single/demo

- 01. Like That
- 02. Strength & Beyond

"My Other Day" - Single

with Karina, Gaz, Nish, Luke,

Metal/Hardcore single/demo - My Other Day

- 01. My Other Day
- 02. Unforgivable

"Love My Hate" - Single

with Karina, Gaz, Nish, Paul, Dan

Metal/Hardcore single/demo

- 01. Love My Hate
- 02. From The Strong

"Lost In A Mindless Game" - Single 

with Karina, Gaz, Phil, Luke

Hardcore/metal single/Demo

- 01. Lost In A Mindless Game
- 02. Wrong

"Myself And I" EP 

with Karina, Gaz, Jamie, Amber and Chris

Dark rock/doom EP (unreleased demo)

- 01. Echoes Of Night
- 02. The Silent
- 03. The Falling Leaves
- 04. Damaged
- 05. Captivity
- 06. Numb
- 07. Why
- 08. Live To Die

Interview with Malcolm Dome at TotalRock Radio

04 Mindlapse Total Rock interv
Mindlapse @ Total Rock

Mindlapse - "Visions"
(Taken from 
"Souls For Sinners" EP)

Wayne Young (Student project) interviews Karina Sher about Mindlapse. 

Mindlapse Podcast


Mindlapse on tour with Insomnium & Ragebreed staff on the tour bus 

(Candlelight Records)


"Total Rock Approved! Mindlapse are in the studio with a live interview discussing Souls For Sinners EP."

Malcolme Dome - Total Rock Radio


"Imagine going into a dimension that frees your mind from every emotion. Anger, apathy, darkness, hate, love, fear and power. This band have the ability to capture elements of different sub genres and perfect it into Mindlapse songs. Vocals are shockingly female with the metal vocals as well as melodic and the music, well it has my vote. Something fresh to come out of the underground scene and is hardly amateur. This band knows how it is done. A good step forward for all female fronted metal bands."

Freda Smith - Metal Blaze

"Female vocals, light and dark, melodic and heavy, angelic and demonic, music that stirs up all kinds of moods with an intensity that will send shivers down your back. Haunting one minute, brutal the next, you just can't fault this band. One of the best female fronted metal bands around, really impressed."

Jim Dawson - Metal Sound USA

"Pretty Fucking Crushing" - KKKK

Ashley Byrd - Kerrang Magazine

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We are currently out of stock of CDs as the Souls For Sinners EP was limited addition.  

We will be putting all MINDLAPSE 
material available to purchase directly via mp3 format which will come along with free artwork. 

This will be available AUGUST 2015.

Therefore enjoy listening to us via 
Revernation and through our Facebook account. 

We are unsure about whether we will do this by a label as yet (we used to be signed to HTT Records) but we should know by AUGUST 2015. Therefore keep it metal and feel free to contact us if you have any queries!

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